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Pickling wastewater treatment
Author:青島萬源環境科技有限公司     Published:2016-06-21     Source:六和才彩特码资料130 www.xhunh.icu     Click:2440

Pickling wastewater treatment: 

The pickling wastewater are mainly produced in theacid pickling process, in which sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid,hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and other acids are used to remove theoxides in metal surface. This kind of wastewater mainly comes from steelfactories or electroplating factories. 


Project example:

Designed duty of water: 30m3/H


Raw water quality















The pickling wastewater may contain different components according todifferent acid mediums used. After the pickling process, the picklingwastewater may have 2%-4% of acid residues. According to the informationprovided by customers, the pickling wastewater contains hydrochloric acid,surfactant, corrosion inhibitor, metal oxides scrubbed, and various water(salt) scales deposited on the boiler heating surface, etc. 


Outgoing water quality

When the hydrochloric acid is used as the pickling medium, the picklingwaste liquid can be neutralized to the pH value of 6-9 by industrial sodiumhydroxide in the wastewater pool. The reacted sodium chloride, sodium nitrateand sodium sulfate are harmless salts and can be reused directly. 


     1.Technical idea

        a.plan ascustomers requirements,discuss all details with you.

        b.Industry intelligentize, exquisiteworkmanship.

      c .All system solution based on the test data inthe Lab.

     2.Technology team

       a.High technology enterprise,one third research staff

       b.The research team lead by professor with 30 years experience inenvironment industry
       c.senior engineer team has 5 processing engineers,6 structuralengineers,10 equipment engineers,6 welding engineers.They all have plentyexperience in large project

     3.Hardware equipment

       a.Processing equipment import from Europe with high working accuracy

       b.We have auto-welding machine from Germany

       c.Normalize workshop the area reach 1000 square meter

    4.Materials and components 

      a.We havecooperation with DOW,electropure,Schneider,Siemens,GE,grundfos,nanfangpump etc.

      b.we use the best quality stainless steel for the machine

      c.Life span can reach 5-10 years

    5.After sale services

     a.One year guarantee,whole life maintenance
     b.24 hours service line

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